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Building Our Future Founded on the Strengths of Our Past

J Wiley JonesIn a rural, upstate New York garage, at the beginning of the depression in 1930, John Wiley Jones began manufacturing and marketing Sunny Sol, his own brand of household bleach. Building on Sunny Sol’s phenomenal success, Jones Chemicals soon progressed into the manufacture and distribution of industrial chemicals and much more.

With four generations of the Jones family and valued employees all doing their part to enhance the company’s steady growth and evolution, our forward-thinking philosophy and pioneering spirit has made Jones Chemicals an active leader in today’s chemicals industry. Our core business is to provide chemicals for water treatment for water purification to benefit and promote public health. We also provide chemicals and service to producers of everything from paper products to sophisticated computers, from food and beverage products to automobiles.

At all levels of operation, we have the experience, the knowledge and the commitment to provide superior chemical products, whether it is down the street or around the world.

Global Vision

JCI Jones Chemicals is dedicated to preserving and promoting the safety and purity of our world’s most valuable natural resource: water.

No other element on earth is as vital to the preservation of life than water. This is why safe, reliable drinking water should be available to all mankind for the uses society demands and returned to the environment in an ecologically responsible manner. With this goal in mind, we continue to expand to markets worldwide.